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  1. (I'm not quoting Jan personally of course, but the Elmhurst press release.) I thought the ballet schools in Paris, Copenhagen, St Petersburg, Moscow all date back to the 17th/18th C?
  2. I'm glad you intend to hang on in there a bit longer! No one should expect to be perfect on their first day, you need time to settle into a routine, and after a while you will get used to the sort of requests guests make of you, which will help with the hearing problem.
  3. Best of luck to you and Sean, Lisa. Getting any sort of paid work isn't easy these days, especially where you live, and will stand you both in good stead whatever you move on to. Your new employers must have seen "ideal receptionist" in you to offer that job when you had applied for another. And RIP Pumpkin. (A word of caution though: be careful how much information you make public. I'm thinking here of your working hours and location.)
  4. i have a horrible feeling the Fonteyn commemoration might well be a tribute evening, and a horribly expensive one at that, with a post-show dinner as its main selling point.
  5. On the other hand, I was siiting near the stage at a fairly low-key matinée at the London Coliseum watching him in a mainly Balanchine programme with Zurich Ballet (c 1980) when, early into the big pas de deux, his obviously nervous ballerina could be heard to say, "I can't go on!". He talked her through the rest of it, with lots of "Good, good" and they took their bows graciously together. I doubt many would have noticed anything amiss, but oh, to have been a fly on the wall once the curtain went down.
  6. Does anyone know what the Argentinian Ambassador presented to her? He also made a lovely speech praising her as Argentina's best ambassador to the UK, holding a tray which I thought be an Argentinian honour, but in the end he handed it to her without elaboration saying she already had enough flowers. So was it a plaque or tray or what?
  7. From the press coverage of the Royal Ballet's visit to Hull last autumn, I'd guess there is a whole new market for ballet there. I hope Northern Ballet gets the resources to build on it.
  8. Just a quick observation, as no one has yet mentioned last Saturday's matinee: Sarah Lamb and Ryoichi Hirano were the leads and I thought they made a very effective, intense partnership, one of the most moving I've seen in my 40 years of ballet-going.
  9. Yes, the new gallery is below the new courtyard entrance from Exhibition Road. The Cromwell Road door is still the main entrance . All galleries are fully accessible according to the website. https://www.vam.ac.uk/visit#accessibility
  10. Oh dear, I'd assumed that the jumpiness of the soundtrack was due to my brisk, time-constrained progress round the exhibition. I guess they're targeting a new audience to opera, perhaps hoping to pick up those first lured to the V&A by David Bowie and Pink Floyd - which is not such a bad thing overall, just a pity if it alienates the more informed.
  11. I managed a only a half-hour visit so I'll be going back to take it all in properly, don't take what follows as authoritative. I'm not knowledgable on opera but the social/political history stuff I already knew so I didn't feel I got a lot out of it, and I go free so can't judge its value for the £19 entrance, but it looks and sounds good. You get lovely leather Bowers and Wilkins headphones to wear and an audioplayer which matches the music to the exhibit you're standing near, so you can listen to as much of the extracts as time allows. It traces the development of opera with emphasis on
  12. Congratulations from me to those who conceived and organised last night, what a resounding success! It was good to hear so many Birmingham and Scottish accents enjoying their companies' chance to shine in the splendour (building work notwithstanding) of the ROH, and the dancers looked thrilled at their reception, especially the "red runners". Wonderful dancing in "Concerto". In addition to the five leads, Brandon Lawrence particularly impressed me. "Le Baiser de la fée" was a similar story to "La Sylphide", bleaker and for me overlong, but as others have remarked interesting for the b
  13. Best of luck to him, Lisa, hope it goes well.
  14. Thanks alison. "Anna Pavlova" (1983) will be repeated Sunday 9 July 0915 - 1200 on London Live, Freeview channel 8. I think it's this one. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0086089/
  15. Very interesting Bruce. There was an advertisement in last night's London Evening Standard (puzzles page I think) placed by a law firm to promote their seminars for UK residents wishing to renounce their US citizenship and I wondered why, tax issues not withstanding, it was such a fraught process - now I know.
  16. There was a "Ballets Russes" exhibition in 2010 which featured costumes, designs and film clips, even account books and contracts. https://www.theguardian.com/stage/2010/mar/29/v-a-ballets-russes-exhibition Back in I think the 1980s there was a spectacular and more general exhibition of costumes including the Royal Ballet and the Ballets Russes. It was very atmospheric, they played extracts of the relevant music and spotlit the relevant costumes, with concealed wind machines making them move gently. I have a feeling Richard Buckle was involved (as he was in their 1954 Diaghilev one, Goog
  17. Dramatic licence gets in the way of crediblity in so many, I think you would have to look for a documentary - try Frederick Wiseman's 2009 "La Danse", beautifully filmed over a long period at Paris Opera Ballet.
  18. Pleased to say I only scored 8/15 with a final admonishment to eat more chocolate. No one seeing my figure would have predicted that. What a clever marketing tool!
  19. GTL

    Room 101

    How can that compete with the exoticism and sheer glamour of the Gatwick Express?
  20. GTL

    Room 101

    Ah but the Sussex platform side is much more respectable than the Kent side at Victoria, hence Jack Worthing's reassurance to Lady Bracknell that his handbag-cradle was found on the Brighton line. Unfortunately she reckoned the line is immaterial.
  21. GTL

    Room 101

    The scarcity of lifts and escaltors at crucial points on the route from the Underground to the main line platforms at Kings Cross/St Pancras is my gripe. Allegedly it was deliberate because LUL didn't want passengers with bulky luggage.
  22. GTL

    Room 101

    I doubt that the Brexit vote was intended to happen. It was a bait for potential UKIP voters at last year's general election and an appeaser for anti-EU Tories, but IMHO when it was put into the Conservative 2015 manifesto, the expectation was that there would be a coalition government, requiring a compromise in which this referendum would be abandoned. How ironic that it is splitting rather than uniting the parliamentary Tories and how shocking that some appear to be exploiting it for personal advancement in the forthcoming leadership contest. They do say you should be careful what you
  23. They are for sale on the normal Royal Opera House booking website, but it makes you buy the whole box, not just a single seat.E.G. https://www.roh.org.uk/events/29126/tickets then select an area and click on a box.
  24. I was somewhat gobsmacked when I read this yesterday on page three of the Standard, though it was at the foot of the page and photo-less. On one level I dismissed it as PR for the upcoming gala, on another I was dismayed by the possible misrepresentation of those named in the piece by comparing such dissimilar dancers in this way and by the indirect devaluation of the other dancers of the Royal Ballet. Then again, with print newspapers disappearing and much of the slog done by unpaid "interns", there is very little opportunity for trained journalists to exercise their profession as they
  25. Celebrity sightings are not rare at the upmarket London venues. You even see well-known faces in the shops or underground or street occasionally. The important thing is not to appear impressed by them. ????
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