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Ballet Cymru's Romeo a Juliet at the Lilian Baylis Studio

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Did anyone else see this last night? It was the antithesis of the grand, cast of thousands, Verona located production of, say, the RB. It took me quite a while to adjust to being so near to the dancers. It was almost shocking to be able to see their faces without opera glasses and to hear them land so clearly (you will have gathered from this that I never sit in the stalls in the larger theatres). I wasn't sure where the story was supposed to be set. The costumes did not point to any specific time or place (hoodies were worn by some of the men). There was a clever use of projections to provide a sort of backdrop. The famous Dance of the Knights was replaced by a welsh clog dance which was quite effective. I felt that the dancers were a bit hampered by having to work with quite a small space. The standouts for me were Juliet (Emily Pimm Edwards - very expressive and she actually seemed to be crying at one point), Mercutio (Daisuke Miura) and Juliet's friend (the very youthful looking Lydia Arnoux). There were a couple of lovely pdds for the two leads.

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I didn't even know it was on.  What a shame: I'd read about it, and would have liked to have seen it.


Edit: I've just been on the Sadler's Wells website, and still wouldn't have known it was on.  Given that I've actually been there twice in the last 4 nights, it says something about the level of publicity for this :(

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It's on tonight, Alison. The website does show it if you click on the words "what's on" because this lists everything, but the first page of the site that you come to just highlights certain programmes.

Drat, that's a shame. When I clicked on today's date, I only got a performance showing for yesterday. *And* I wasn't doing anything desperately missable this evening, either.

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