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Legat registration fee

Mad house

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It costs 85€ (about £110) to audition in CNSMDP in Paris... But at least next to nothing if you manage to get in! I paid it once for DD1 and then she got ill and didn't go and we didn't get a refund!!!

Now it's time to pay again but for DD2 this time...

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I think you will find that this a fairly standard fee for registration at an independent school in this geographical area. Legat is part of St Bede's which is an independent senior school.


DD's senior school charge a very similar amount.


On investigation some charge a lot more, particularly for overseas students. :)


J x

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The sobering fact is these fees are being aimed at parents who for the most part - (although not all we were applying for scholarship and also a bursary) can afford day school fees of £15,000 - £20,000 per year or boarding fees upwards of £26,000 for each child, so in the scheme of things relative to that the registration fees are not so significant.


I agree for those to whom it is a lot of money - and it was to us, paying it for our DD to sit scholarship exams at several schools certainly did mount up.


Fortunately being so academic at the end she had scholarship offers from every school she sat for. She got to choose the school she liked best (and she has thrived at) and we got the option of a school that with the scholarship and bursary help given us we could afford.

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