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Yat Sen Chang Company

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I went to see Yat Sen Chang, former principal dancer with English National Ballet in the rather obsure setting of Berkhamsted in Hertfordshire on Saturday night, and just wanted to say how worthwhile was the drive out from London.  There was a mixed programme with Yat and his super dancers performing some of  Yat's own choreography,as well as pas de deux from Raymonda and Diana and Acteon. But the absolute highlight of the evening was the pas de deux from Spartacus with Yat and Tomomi Sato, former principal with Scottish Ballet. It was sublime and had the audience on their feet afterwards and,I must say, reduced me to tears!.

Tomomi is a beautiful and exquisite dancer, sylph like, with neat fast footwork and wonderfully expressive. She is the perfect partner to Yat, who as always is the ultimate showman and an absolute powerhouse of energy and strength.  They form a perfect partnership and I would urge anyone to go and see this amazing company. They will be performing for one night in London on the 9th November at the Lanterns theatre in Canary Wharf.

You can look at their facebook page at www.facebook.com/yscdc for further info about this exciting new company.

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Thank you, Sue, and welcome to the forum.  Oddly enough, I was wondering only last week what Chang was doing these days.  And I really liked Sato last time I saw her, so it's good to know that she's still around.


I am a bit surprised, though, given his facility with computers, that there doesn't seem to be any sign of a website as yet.

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I've just had a posting on my Facebook page that Chang's company will be making its London debut on Saturday 9 November in a new venue, The Lanterns Studio Theatre in Canary Wharf.  It looks like there are just the two performances, matinee and evening on the 9th, with the evening being a gala performance.  ENB principal Elena Glurdjidze (shamefully not cast in "Le Corsaire") will be guesting in the Black Swan pas de deux partnered by Yosvani Ramos, former principal of ENB.  The address for the venue is 3 Millharbour on the South Quay of Canary Wharf.  Full details on its website.

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I saw the evening show by the Yat-Sen Chang Company at the Lanterns Studio Docklands last night. The programme was:


Entre du Ballet:  a piece to Verdi danced mainly by company members and choreographed by Chang

Sunrise: again by Chang for him and a company member to music by Einaudi

Le Spectre de la Rose: danced by guest Tomoni Sato (formerly Scottish Ballet) and Salvatore Manzo (Teatro San Carlo)

Coppelia: Swanhilda's entrance followed by the pas de deux danced by ENB's Adela Ramirez and Pedro Lapetra

Raymonda: pas de deux danced by Chang and a company member

Le Corsaire: pas de deux danced by Tomomi Sato and Salvatore Manzo; Odalisque solo danced by ENB's Desiree Ballantyne

The Trail: also choreographed by Chang for company members

Don Quixote: Kitri's entrance danced by a company member

Spartacus: pas de deux danced by Chang and Tomomi Sato

Swan Lake: black swan pas de deux danced by ENB's Elena Glurdjidze and Yosvani Ramos (ex ENB and Australian Ballet)


In the afternoon, when ENB dancers were unavailable, the Diana and Acteon pas de deux was given in place of the Black Swan.


Chang's company members were: Emma Lucibello; marion Edmond; Fabio Logiudice; Kelly Shan-Wei Ng; Jeehe Lee and Olivia Cemah.


It was a good value programme (2 hour 15 minutes including a short interval) and offered a very enjoyable mix of experienced guests and young dancers who regularly work with Chang. Highlight included Chang's spectacular take on his Spartacus lifts and simply being able to see Elena Glurdjidze dancing.

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