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A big Thank You!


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A big thank you for all the info, offers of assistance and camaraderie of the balletco moms (and dads?). It's a scary thing to let your teen travel so far and joining balletco to get information and a better feel for things was so sooooo helpful in calming my nerves.

Thanks to the mom who is delivering jetglue! Thanks to the moms who gave me phone numbers for emergencies!

DD is settled into YBSS now and I can relax :)

I will be in York on the final day and may see some of you!


Greetings from Toronto.

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Sorry may miss you am hoping to see first week "performance/class"


My friend has literally just emailed from York to say Anthony Dowell is giving a Masterclass this coming Wednesday so hopefully may get to see that too!!


Don't know how old your DD is .....my friends in 13 so could end up in same group? :)

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