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Bolshoi Ballet dancers as guests of other companies

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The young Bolshoi ballerina Angelina Vorontsova made her debut in ‘Giselle’ at Nureyev International Ballet Festival in Kazan’ on 16th of May. Her Albert was her teacher at the Bolshoi Nikolai Tsiskaridze. According to a Moscow newspaper “MK” the ovation lasted for 20 minutes:



The “Elita” magazine displayed 24 photographs of that performance:


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Zakharova's Gala looks impressive! If the gala has been live broadcasted by any television in the world or recorded on DVD/Blu-Ray, it must be/have been available somewhere on the internet (this sentence doesn't seem grammatically correct, I'm sorry).

Russian guys always have it all !!!

I have been using Russian torrent sites for downloading ballets and music for many years now. From what I've read on a Russian forum the Russians instead of dealing with the torrent sites started doing something else. Uploading videos on youtube with internal links. It means that if I have the youtube link and send it you, you can paste it in your browser and can watch the video. But these videos are otherwise invisible for the youtube search engine.

And the second thing is that they upload many videos (we are talking about ballets here) but they are only "visible" for users on Russian territory. Someone sent me an youtube unblocker for that purpose some time ago. A program that makes those kind of videos visible. It is buried in my archive somewhere but I am going to look for it and post the link here when/if I find it.

P.S. Very often the titles of the ballet videos Russians upload are spelled in Cyrillic .hhhhrrr

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Alexei Ratmansky’ “Russian Seasons” will be danced tonight by the La Scala ballet company. 




Couple in orange / Couple in white will be danced by the Bolshoi’s dancers Svetlana Zakharova and Andrei Merkuriev.

Anyone who has a chance to see it, can you write about it here, please.

Edited for typo.

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It WAS pretty special!

They were both breathtaking.

I saw Olga Smirnova for the first time. Her dancing is hard to describe in words, a real joy to watch.  The atmosphere was so electric! (I’ll remember those standing ovations at the end: I’m from Geneva – it’s really different...)



Here are some reviews on La Bayadère:







It helped me a lot that somebody mentioned Olga Smirnova will be dancing on May 28th (on the thread “ABT - when do individual tickets go on sale?”)

I love this forum. Thanks to everyone.

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I can believe it was great Olga Smirnova is wonderful and with Vadim it must have been stellar! I saw opening night with Diana Vishneva, Marcelo Gomes and Gillian Murphy. It was very good but.the corps in Kingdom of the Shades were just fabulous.

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