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A plea (from RGDANCE) for those near/in London!


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As some of you may know - MIDAS is hosting the wonderful RGDANCE staff and a good number of their students for a few days in August and RGDANCE are going to be running a couple of days of masterclasses open to anyone, at MAC Birmingham. This will be the only opportunity for students who live in the Midlands or within an hour or so to meet them and train with them (and if you've seen what they do  online, you'd want to know how they do it too!)


They are desperate to do a class or two in London - so please can anyone who attends a good school in London, or in the region, who might be interested in hosting a masterclass please get in touch with me? 




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I'm so excited for RG Dance to come to England, I'm a huge fan! Unfortunately I'm already booked onto a summer school during the week when they are at MIDAS otherwise I would be already booking my place, so I really hope they do some more workshops. Do you know how long or which dates they are coming over for? London and Birmingham are both a similar distance from me, although London is slightly closer.

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Call Young Dancers Academy, Shepherds Bush London.

Great studio, parking in Westfields next door £5 all day. outside congestion charge

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