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LCB Performance Summer School


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Dd did this a couple of years ago and absolutely loved it. The journey to Barnes was a bit of a nightmare every day but worth it as she had such a super time.


I honestly can't remember the finish time on the last day but if you email Sophie Cabot she will probably have an idea. She's very helpful. :-)

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The details aren't up on the website yet but Sophie hopes they will be up soon. I believe the dates are 22-26th July.


Last time my dd did it, the venue was St. Paul's School in Barnes. Beautiful venue but a bit of a faff to get to if you're North of London!


Edited to add that no, you do not have had to have auditioned for LCB, it is a separate summer school.

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The boys classes are great and well recommended - My son did these a few years back. he also did the summer school - then there were very few boys (I think only 2 or 3), but he did enjoy it.


maybe they'll have more boys now.


But the boys classes are excellent. keep an eye out for them next year.

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