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Good morning everyone,


In April we are going to YBS in Harrogate/Leeds. As Freed pointe shoes are almost impossible to find in Belgium, I was thinking about trying to buy some in the UK. 

On the Freed website I found some shops close to Leeds and Harrogate that sell Freed, but so far no pointes. 

Does somebody know of a store close to Leeds that sells Freed pointe shoes? 


Thanks in advance for your help!


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I agree, best to make an appointment - if your DD currently wears a particular type/maker and size of Freeds, perhaps let them know so that they can possibly get some potential pairs in stock for your visit. We made an appointment when DD got GMs from there, including giving confirmation as to the type of pointe shoe she was wearing otherwise, size, foot type etc - they made sure that they had several potential pairs in stock ready for our visit. 

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