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David Nixon CBE news/Cape Town City Ballet

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The former head of Northern Ballet David Nixon has been appointed Artistic Producer of Cape Town City Ballet with immediate effect.

An ‘interesting’ job title which implies a management structure somewhat different from the norm.

His wife, Yoko Ichino, is joining him there.


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They are most fortunate.  Mr. Nixon has always shown himself to be - IMHO - a truly excellent producer.  May both he and the glory that is Yoko Ichino - how fondly I remember her in those many performances with Nureyev - be happy and fulfilled there.  

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Congratulations and best wishes to David and Yoko! Rather sad to lose both of them to a company abroad, but Cape Town are very lucky to have them. Hope they'll be able to visit/teach here from time to time.

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Congratulations to David and Yoko.


I wonder how permanent an appointment it is or whether it is just while the company is still sorting itself out after the issues last year when it looked as though the company might end up folding.




I love "I got rhythm" but it's probably not realistic for me to book a trip to see it!



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