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Hi all,


Just out of interest do you miss time off school for the EYB productions? And if so how many? Was thinking of auditioning, however this year is my GCSE year and I can't afford to miss anymore days off school as I've already missed lots for panto and auditions. Could I audition and then turn down the part?



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Yes, it really does depend on the time of year. Last summer, dd only had to leave school early on casting day; all other rehearsals and performances were in the summer holidays.


If performances are in term time, it may mean some time off.

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Varies from place to place, and on how far you are away from the rehearsal venue of course. Most of the rehearsals are at weekends or in school holidays, but there are occasional ones that are after school. Obviously if you leave close by you can do your full school day and then go along, but if like us, you have a couple of hours drive to get there then you have to miss half a day's school. Performances are sometimes on school days too.

I have always found Miss Lewis very helpful with this kind of thing. If you phone or email she will probably give you the rehearsal dates if they have been finalised already.

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