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National Youth Dance Company


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The NYDC is seeking dancers who are passionate about dance, who come from diverse backgrounds with experience in any dance style, and who simply love to perform.


As a member of NYDC you will get to work with 2013 Guest Artistic Director Jasmin Vardimon, perform in world class venues, learn different dance styles, take part in intensive rehearsal residencies, collaborate with professional choreographers and companies and find out about career pathways and different opportunities.


To join NYDC the first step is to register for a NYDC Experience Workshop.

NYDC Experience Workshops include a technique class, creative workshop and information on dance training, careers and NYDC. Selected dancers will be invited to attend a second workshop. The days are open to dancers aged 16-18 from diverse backgrounds, with experience in any dance style. There is no cost for the days, but places must be pre-booked through Sadler’s Wells.


If you are a young person aged 16-18 years and think this is the place for you, please contact NYDC@sadlerswells.comor call 020 7863 8139.

Bursaries are available to cover NYDC membership.


NYDC Experience Workshops

25 November: Ipswich, DanceEast

2 December: London, Sadler’s Wells

15 December: Swindon Dance

6 January: Salford, The Lowry

19 January: Leeds, Yorkshire Dance

20 January: Newcastle, Dance City

26 January: Leicester, Curve Theatre

27 January: Kent, The Jasmin Vardimon Production Space

2 February: Birmingham Royal Ballet Studios

9 February: London, Sadler’s Wells


10 February: (Final selection) London, Sadler’s Wells


NYDC 2013 Residencies

1-12 April: The Jasmin Vardimon Production Space

26 May-2 June: London, Sadler’s Wells


NYDC Performances 2013

8 June: London, Sadler’s Wells

28/29 June: London, Sadler’s Wells

30 June: Kent, The Jasmin Vardimon Production Space

20 July: Leeds, U.Dance 2013

21 July: Salford, The Lowry

27/28 July: Bristol


National Youth Dance



Not sure if any balletcoers DC's are interested in this.


I have registered my DD for the Salford workshop but unsure if it is do-able alongide her CAT scheme, local dance lessons and GCSEs!

Amazing performance opportunities though. :-)

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Lil, did your dd enjoy working with Jasmin Vardimon?


My understanding is that this is linked to Sadlers Wells not Tring.


In the literature it talks about learning different dance styles but I woud imagine the emphasis will be on contemporary with Jasmin being the guest artistic director for 2013. The NYDC Experience workshops comprise of a technique class and a creative workshop.


Swanprincess I would imagine you need to be 16 before you attend the initial workshop though it does say "age range is flexible in certain circumstances". You're right, that initial workshop does count as a first audition with dancers then being invited down to London in February for the final selection.

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Hi everyone, this is my first post on this forum, although I've been reading with interest for a while.


I auditioned for this on Saturday and it was a really good experience. I'm on a CAT scheme but my CAT selected students to audition and students that weren't selected were told they were not allowed to audition, but I think this was only because it's a lot of CAT time we would have to miss to be in the NYDC because at my CAT we have intensives at the same time as both the NYDC residencies. The students selected to audition have basically been "given permission" to miss our intensives to do this if we got in, so if the dates don't clash with anything on your DD's CAT scheme then I would say you would definitely be able to do both, however if things clash you would probably need permission to do it.


The audition was a contemporary class in which we also learnt some Jasmin Vardimon company rep, then there was a break and then we had a creative session. Both sessions were lead by a dancer from Jasmin's company who was lovely, and all the staff involved were also really nice. The audition was quite informal and not at all scary. I would definitely recommend attending and Experience Workshop even if you weren't completely sure yet whether you want to be in the NYDC.


About the age range, I think they said if you are not yet 16, but are planning to be in vocational training next year (starting September 2013) then you are allowed to audition. Anyone in vocational training is not allowed to audition because of funding issues I believe.

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Hi Chasse and welcome to the forum. :-)


Thank you for sharing your experiences of the workshop.


Interesting to hear how your CAT selected students to audition. I initially heard about NYDC on another forum and did wonder if it would be possible as like you my dd's CAT intensives clash with NYDCs residencies.


Then, my DDs CAT sent out a leaflet about NYDC with her end of term appraisal. I'm taking this to mean that they are not averse to their students auditioning. The selection process appears quite rigorous so I will worry about clashes if she is successful.


Lots of luck to you! :-)



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Thank you! We were told they would let us know whether we were being invited to the final audition within two weeks, but that because our two week period included Christmas we would probably find out this week, so not too long to wait.


Kitschqueen - I find it interesting how all of the CATs do things differently, good luck to your DD! :)

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My dd is a CAT student and auditioned for this at the end of November. All styles of dancers are being encouraged to try for this, not just CAT ones.


All CAT students of the right age on my dd's scheme were encouraged to do the audition (sorry, 'Experience Day'!) despite the fact that rehearsal periods and performances would clash directly with CAT intensives at Easter and Summer. I guess that if any on my dd's CAT did get into the company, then they would just have to fit around the dates - which in reality means missing intensives and probably not taking part in performances. And whether you are in Y11, 12 or 13, there are going to be exams and so many other commitments to contend with!


My dd is not 16 until January, but this wasn't a problem. Some of her CAT friends who will be 16 in the summer term didn't audition because of their age, but there might be a bit of leeway so it's well worth phoning the NYDC contact number to ask.


DD absolutely loved the day - Kerry Nichols taught the class. DD hadn't done her style of contemporary before but said it was the best class she'd ever done - really challenging but fab. In the afternoon there was a creative session - quite tough as the dancers were paired up at random with a number of different dancers, some of whom were easier to work with than others.


The company will be made up of 30 diverse young dancers - and it will be an integrated company, meaning some dancers will have disabilities. The Jasmin Vardimon style is very contemporary, physical and theatrical.


DD got through to the finals at Sadlers Wells :) I think about 5 or 6 dancers are picked from each experience day and around 70 will attend the finals. So it is going to be hard to get into the company, especially if you are a girl (there were only 2 boys at dd's audition!) We were told it was not necessarily about technique or experience, and that there will be an element of 'casting' too.


Best of luck to everyone trying out...

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Hi Klaris thanks for sharing your dd's experiences. Many congrats to her on getting through to the finals. :)


At her "experience workshop" did everyone do the creative session?


We've just received an e-mail from NYDC with details of the Salford one that my dd is booked on, and they are saying that after the technical class only selected dancers will be involved in the creative session. They are reducing numbers after the initial class.

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Unfortunately I have found out that I wasn't selected for the final audition, but I still had a good time at the experience workshop and I'm glad I auditioned.


Klaris - congratulations on your DD getting through! I agree with all the things you have said about exams (this was a worry of mine if I had got through) and also about what they're looking for - from my CAT 3 boys got through to the final audition and two of them are very strong urban/breaking dancers (good at contemporary too though) and they showed that in an improvisation section we did and the panel said they were looking for variety. Another interesting point they said was that part of the funding requirements is that they have every region of the country represented, so they have to take people through from every audition even if they weren't as strong as people that didn't get through in another audition.


Kitschqueen - It said on the information I was given before the day that only selected dancers would stay for the creative session, but at the beginning of the day we were told that due to the numbers in our audition (there were about 25 dancers I think) they wouldn't need to do a cut and we would all be able to stay for the creative session.

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Hi Chasse,


I'm sorry you didn't get through to the final :( - like you say, they have a lot of criteria to match when selecting students - and they'll be auditioning again next year I believe. Glad you had a good time - it does sound as though it was a great day for all the dancers taking part.


Thanks Kitschqueen - everyone on dd's audition day did the creative class too (about 25-30 dancers), so I think it will depend on numbers. I'm sure they will want to see the maximum from everyone if they can, as some will excel in the creative but not necessarily so much in the technique class (and vice versa!)

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Thank you Kitschqueen - that's really sweet of you to remember :)


She's really looking forward to it - as I'm sure all the others are too.


Hope your dd enjoys her CAT Easter intensive - have they got a choreographer coming in?


Klaris x

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