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The Wind in the Willows, Linbury Studio Theatre

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Will Tuckett's Wind in the Willows opens tonight at the Linbury Theatre. A most entertaining tale. Here are a couple of pictures from the photocall.







Toad - Cris Penfold frightens Badger - Sam Archer






Mole - Clemmie Sveaas, Toad - Cris Penfold and Ratty - Will Kemp encouraged by Narator - Anthony McGill


More pictures on www.johnrossballetgallery.co.uk

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Wind in the Willows has lost none of its charm and there have been some significant improvements...for example a superb Narrator who can also sing, and a giant puppet judge who towers over poor Toad in act 2 as he condemns him to 20 years in gaol. However I have been spoilt by having seen the 'maestro' Matthew Hart as Toad in previous productions.For me the new Toad, Chris Penfold conveys the manic behaviour without quite achieving the pathos required...his performance was therefore not nearly as touching. It was wonderful to have Will Kemp back as the jaunty Ratty, his expressive face and mannerisms bristling with character, and the marvelous Luke Heydon multi-tasking as an Otter, Weasel, various other personages and the delightfully coy Gaoler's Daughter! Its still a magic experience for kids and those, like me, who are still kids at heart!

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We took our grand-daughter to yesterday's matinee and had a really lovely afternoon. I agree with Mandy - the narration was much better and loved both Luke Heydon in his many roles and Will Kemp's Ratty - my grand-daughter's favourite character. Clemmine Sveaas was good as Mole and I enjoyed Cris Penfold's Toad. The interval chase round the foyer was great fun and seemed to go on longer than I remember from last time (but that was 6 years ago) - lots of interaction between Toad and the children.


It is a lovely production and I do hope we don't have to wait too long to see it again - we have other grand-children waiting!



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