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  1. I agree with that, I would love the Opera house to go back to how it was some time ago. I remember attending Wolf Works and finding it difficult to see from the amphitheatre what was happening, it was much easier to see at the cinema relay.
  2. Yes it is available online for 14 days I think. Just go to the ROH website and click on Watch on Vimeo and it will go to the youtube of last nights performance. The ballet segment starts about 40 mins into the programme and starts with an introduction by Wayne McGregor. Just realised someone has already answered this!
  3. Has anyone any information about the length of this evenings concert?
  4. This brings back memories. I saw Svetlana Beriosova and Donald Maclearly in Giselle in 1964 at the ROH. My first ballet though, was in 1950 in Coventry - it was The Sleeping Princess, performed by the company run by Mona Inglesby.
  5. I have just found my VHS tape of Peter and the Wolf. It was filmed in 1997, with Sir Anthony Dowell as the Grandfather, Martin Harvey the Wolf, the rest of the cast I don't recognise, but somebody may know of them. Peter - David Johnson Bird - Layla Harrison Duck - Karen Lingham Cat - Elizabeth Halliday Hope that helps.
  6. I have a VHS of Peter and the Wolf with Martin Harvey as the wolf - will have to see where it is. I must have bought it about 20 years ago as I remember my eldest grandson (now at Uni) loved it. Enjoyed watching the new version from 2011 - my youngest granddaughter was watching it at home with her parents - they all loved it.
  7. I have received an apology from the ROH Customer Services about using the only matinee for the mixed bill for a Welcome performance. They said they would pass my comments on to the Welcome Team, who have said they would take what I said into account when next planning events to avoid this happening again. We will have to wait and see!
  8. I tried this morning to book seats in the amphitheatre for the mixed bill on Sat 13th June only to find no seats on offer. I discovered that this was now listed as a welcome performance, though there were no indications of this in the magazine or online. I know it is important to encourage new visitors, but to do this for the only matinee for that programme is very disappointing. There have been a lack of matinees this season - especially for mixed bills (particularly in the spring season and winter) - so it is annoying for it to happen again. For those of us who live outside London, evening performances can be difficult.
  9. They did give us all vouchers to use for another screening (or any other event), but it did not make up for us missing the ending of The Cellist, which I imagine was very moving.
  10. I saw this at the cinema last evening. Dances at a Gathering was lovely, if a bit long - wonderful performances from all the dancers. The Cellist was very moving but was spoiled for us when the live feed suddenly cut off just in the last few minutes! We were told it was due to the ballet over running. It did tell her story well, though I got a bit confused at times with chorus. I thought Cuthbertson, Sambe and Ball were extremely good - just sorry not to see the final scenes.
  11. Does anyone know how long the film of CATS is and if there will be an interval? No information on the Vue cinema chain which I use. Thanks
  12. I have had intermittent problems with this. Just now I got onto the site and it showed I was not logged in. However when I moved to the second forum I was suddenly logged in! Very strange as it still highlighted the discussions I had read - but not in the first forum. No idea why.
  13. I had hoped to see this last evening with some friends - however there was a problem with the feed and we all went home very disappointed. Will try to see the encore on Sunday. Sounds as though it was a wonderful evening. I do hope they release a DVD of the event.
  14. Thank you Richard for these links which make life a lot easier when giving information to the friends I book for. I hadn't noticed that they had been available and I've not had any notification from the Friends about this. The pricing on individual ballets and operas seems to have disappeared, so I wonder how others will know about the cost of tickets. Will they appear nearer the booking date?
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