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Royal Ballet Beauty mixed bill matinee Sunday 11 July for sale

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See how it goes Hambleton 

I am interested in your offer as haven't got  a ticket for this programme yet but if opening up happens on June 21st I will be going to a 70th birthday celebration that weekend but if it’s delayed then I would be free to attend the performance on the 11th. I’m sure they will go fast though and can’t make a decision until next Monday unfortunately!! 

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It’s me again! It is looking increasingly likely that the final bit of opening up will not happen on June 21st ....I’ve heard it could be at least a month longer!!

This means rule of six will still apply so I will contact my friend tonight to see what’s happening about the party but am assuming will be postponed now as quite a lot of people going! 
Ive already got a friend who wants to go to this programme as well so could take the two tickets. 

But obviously if meanwhile you get any definite offers go ahead. 
I see there are some tickets still available on the website but I’ve only got one other date I can go!! 

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