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  1. Level 6, Upper Amphitheatre 2 x standing tickets , Level 6, Row W, 65 & 66. £5 each. Paper tickets, can post. Totally sold out throughout whole Opera House, but I am told is great view from very top of amphitheatre.
  2. please go into the productions from ROH and try to find pix of the view from the seat to make sure you are happy with it!
  3. ok, will do - get in touch when you get back (which is when?)
  4. I have 1 Upper (side) slips ticket, bench seat - view partially restricted by rail. All I could get so grabbed what there was! BB20 £10. Can show pictures of viwe
  5. Really sick as after all this the Southern Rail Network ground to a halt and I missed the performance!
  6. can someone tell me what this is please?
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