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Paquita variation 8 audio


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HI everyone, I'm trying to get the right music for the Paquita variation 8 for my DS to dance to for the YAGP this year. The ones I see on YouTube (from YAGP and other places) are one version, but the only version I can find to download with decent audio is the Sofia National Opera with Boris Spassov - it's got loads of different music in it! Argh! Anyone got any clues?

This is one we want: 


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Hi Nicky73


The clip you have shown does not include “Sofia National Opera with Boris Spassov”, However I did find Sofia National Opera music for that piece.


Firstly you need to be able to download from Youtube, if you can’t then you will need something like Save2PC ultimate, sadly its not free. That will provide you with a .MP4 video file, some sound editors can process video files directly into sound files eg .WMA .MP3 etc. I use Goldwave and it can, its also available free for evaluation and that should provide what you need as it is.

I'm not sure if Audacity can process video files directly, otherwise you would need to convert the video file to extract sound track first  which would be another piece of software like the NCH File Converter.


If you are editing the sound track from a performance piece like this variation, although you can carefully extract at the beginning and end of the music to minimise the applause, this piece does have an applause in the middle of it, that is fare trickier to minimize and requires a good deal of skill. I had to edit this piece some years ago as I was the sound editor for The Alive Ballet Company as well as one of the dancers.


Sometimes you may want to use some of the background noise as a cue to get ready, say a second or so before the intro, I remember using the last punctuation of the previous music as a cue to count 3 before the start of Juliet's solo, it was one of those pieces where the dancer actually starts before the music and Juliet had to be at full extension on count 1.

I edited and provided that music for a BBT Easter Workshop taught by Sarah Lamb.


If you need any help feel free to PM me x

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