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Birmingham Royal Ballet - Ballet Hoo! (Romeo & Juliet)

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I've just received an email saying that the original Channel 4 documentary Ballet Hoo! will be available to view for free on line on the BRB Facebook page.  If you have never seen this, I urge you to watch it.  It was an amazingly uplifting programme   It is available until 6th December.




"In 2006, we welcomed a large group of young people from diverse backgrounds to give an emotional performance of Kenneth MacMillan's Romeo and Juliet. Specially adapted for the young people, and the culmination of a two-year education and outreach programme, the performance and preparations were filmed by Channel Four and broadcast as a four-part documentary entitled Ballet Hoo! Ballet Changed My Life.


Episodes 1 to 3 are available now, for a limited time, to watch from our Facebook page for free. The final episode will be available tomorrow (Thursday 3 December)."


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I can't edit my original post, there seems to be an error in the days provided by the BRB.  I am assuming the dates are correct, but the days have got muddled!  So it should be Sunday to Wednesday on a daily basis.  This is the original announcement.

The first episode is available from Monday 30 November to midnight on Sunday 6 December 2020. Episode 2 is available until midnight GMT on Tuesday 7 December here, Episode 3 until midnight on Wednesday 8 December here and Episode 4 (published here 3 December) until midnight on Wednesday 9 December 2020.

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Thanks to let us know. Actually I’m from Japan but I can watch it and I’m so excited to watch  that. And it is very helpful which is free! 

I can learn many expressions and able to improve my expressiveness.


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