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Royal Opera House Recovery Campaign

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Not sure if this has been publicised elsewhere (can't see it on the website) but I had a letter today from Alex Beard saying that donations made by 15th December would be matched pound for pound by the Board of Trustees.


Whether that includes donations made via the website as well, it's not clear.

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16 minutes ago, JohnS said:

Thank you MJW. Is this for a specific recovery campaign or all donations - for example there’s normally a Christmas pointe show appeal which would be operating well before 15 December?


It simply says that "if you chose to make a gift before 15th December, the value of your gift will be doubled" and refers to the Recovery Campaign. There is a separate form to complete giving details of the donation to complete (and  it does refer also to roh.org/donate).


I presume therefore that all donations go the Campaign unless you designate otherwise.


The website (as yet) doesn't refer to the matching of donations by the Board.

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