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London Studio Centre v Stella Mann


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Just an update on my dd.  She has now secured places at LSC and Stella Mann and is finding it hard to decide between the two.


She initially thought it would be mad to turn down a place at LSC but after a visit to Stella Mann this week she likes the smaller size.


She has made a list of pros and cons - one of the main cons of LSC is the size and also there is less focus on musical theatre.  She is predominantly a dancer and hasn't had much MT experience but for future career prospects isn't it better to have some singing and acting in your repertoire?  


The course at LSC seems to offer more flexibility than Stella Mann.


If anyone has any personal experiences of either college it would be good to hear.  Thank you.

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Are you saying there is less focus on MT at LSC?

I know LSC offer a variety of specialisms but I think MT is their strongest suit. LSC have been very successful over the years in placing graduates in musicals and I know several graduates personally who have trained there and had successful careers in MT.


I'd accept LSC over Stella Mann without a doubt because of the flexibility of the course and the larger size is an advantage IMO. When you're working in the industry you're going to need contacts!



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I would help her to research  the teachers, ask students already there lots of questions, watch their performances on line if you can and ask for timetables so you can compare how many actual hours you are in studio for each subject and with whom.  

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18 hours ago, Lemongirl said:

Thank you.  Dd isn't keen on MT and her singing and acting are weak compared to dancing, but she feels she should work on them to make her more likely to get a job.


Please think seriously before using your one funded chance at higher education on something you aren't keen on!  My advice, for what it's worth, to Musical DD when deciding on options was to imagine she had the money (fees, accommodation costs, living costs) in a pile in front of her.  If she had to hand over real cash for a course, how would she feel?


She had felt pressurized by a teacher to take a particular offer (especially as it came with a huge scholarship).  Even reducing the pile of imaginary cash she was handing over it clarified, in her heart of hearts, it wasn't a purchase she wanted to make.

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