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Ian Macmillan

Dance Links for a period beginning Sunday 22 March 2020

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With theatres dark and companies unable to give public performances, we will no longer carry out our customary exhaustive Links trawls.  Instead, and until matters improve, we intend to post any worthwhile Links that we find as and when we find them.  We can but hope that normality will prevail as soon as possible.



Sunday 22 March, 2020


Catch-up Reviews:

Northern Ballet, Geisha, Leeds: Amina Alyal, Sunday Times

National Ballet of Canada, Romeo and Juliet (Ratmansky), Toronto: Denise Sum, Danceviewtimes


Interview - Sergei Polunin on becoming a dad and his troubled past: Decca Aitkenhead, Sunday Times


News - Russia’s Perm Opera Ballet to perform for an audience of one: Staff, Radio Free Europe

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I know I've already said this privately, but thank you, Jan and Ian, for your tireless work in seeking out links for our delectation and delight :)


Presumably a lot of the old links will still be valid, if people want to do some catching-up.

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Links - Monday 23 March, 2020



News - Royal Ballet cuts ties with Liam Scarlett:

Ben Ellery, Times

Mark Brown, Guardian

Giverny Masso, Stage

Craig Simpson, Telegraph

Alex Marshall, NY Times


Review - Royal Swedish Ballet, Wings of Wax, Minus 16, woman in water, Stockholm:  Maggie Foyer, Seeing Dance


News - A digital Festival of Dance from Leicester:  Vera Liber, British Theatre Guide


Feature - A day in the life of a ballet company in Ireland:  Cassie Stokes, Her


Feature - TV series - Children of Ballet, Copenhagen:  Eva Kistrup, Danceview Times


Featurette - La Meri:  Michelle Potter, ... on dancing


Not quite dance feature - Will Tuckett stages Pizzaro for Ken Watanabe in Tokyo:  Nobuko Tanaka, Japan Times

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Tuesday 24 March, 2020



Review - Royal Swedish Ballet, Wings of Wax, Minus 16, woman in water, Stockholm:  Sheenagh Pietrobruno, Critical Dance


Featurette - Ailey Dancers, separate but together, in a bit of Revelations:  Gia Kourlas, NY Times


Feature - Plié, jeté … mind the fridge! My kitchen ballet class with Tamara Rojo:  Lyndsey Winship, Guardian


Feature - Australian Ballet’s Alice Topp on the cancellation of Volt and why you have to see it when it returns:  Alexia Petsinis, Vogue Australia


Review - Muscle Memory Dance Theatre, Nuances Out Loud, Dallas:  Emily Sese, Theater Jones


Review - Ballet Frontier of Texas with Avant Chamber Ballet & Ballet North Texas, Director’s Choice, Fort Worth:  Emily Sese, Theater Jones


Review - TITAS/Unbound Dance Festival Preview,  Dallas:  Lindsay Alissa King, Theater Jones


Feature - The world turned upside down (view from NY):  Alexandra Villarreal, Guardian


Featurette - Instagram dance parties for moments of unity:  Tara Bitran, Hollywood Reporter


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Links - Wednesday 25 March, 2020



Catch-up review - Northern Ballet, Geisha, Leeds:  Mark Brown, Herald Scotland (scroll down)


Feature - A DIY dance for your home, from Yvonne Rainer:  Brian Seibert, NY Times


Q&A Featurette - Carlos Acosta:  Mark Monahan, Telegraph


Feature - How dancers cope when they can’t dance: They improvise:  Sarah L Kaufman, Washington Post


List - The best theatre and dance to watch online:  Chris Wiegand, Guardian


Video Feature - Tulsa Ballet makes masks for hospitals from costume scraps:  Preston Jones, KRMG


Video Featurette - Dancers in Rome train from home:  operaroma.tv via Guardian


Featurette - Russian theatre (in Perm) plans to hold shows for audiences of one:  Andrew Roth, Guardian


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Links - Thursday 26 March, 2020



Digital Streaming News - BalletBoyz, Deluxe, Friday 27th March:  Teresa Guerreiro, Culture Whisper


Documentary Film available on line:  Cunningham - Teresa Guerreiro, Culture Whisper


Video Feature - Toronto Symphony Play Appalachian Spring from their homes:  Michael Vincent, Ludwig Van Toronto


Suggestions - What to watch online: Telegraph

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Links - Friday 27 March, 2020



On screen reviews - BalletBoyz, Deluxe:

Lyndsey Winship, Guardian

Debra Craine, Times


Catchup Review - Richard Alston Dance Company, Final Edition, London:  Jann Parry, DanceTabs


Catchup Review - Australian Ballet, Volt (mixed programme), Melbourne:  Heather Bloom, Australian Stage


Online Preview - Northern Ballet, EGO (Tindall):  Teresa Guerreiro, Culture Whisper


TV News - BalletBoyz and Northern Ballet feature in BBC Arts Culture in Quarantine:  Staff, Seeing Dance


Feature - Dance Critic Debra Craine on her self-isolation discovery:  Debra Craine, Times


Feature - Debbie Allen’s Instagram class - can hip rolls help?:  Melena Ryzik, NY Times

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Links - Saturday 28 March, 2020



Podcasts - Dance Dialogues by:  Rachel Elderkin, Fjord Review


Video Feature - Rio’s Favela Ballerinas:  Al Jazeera


Feature - Why ballet is finding inspiration in Grime:  Rosie Hewitson, Red Bull


Feature - A ballet scandal gets the “Special Victims Unit” treatment (SVU is an American crime drama series shown on 5USA here):  Gia Kourlas, NY Times

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Sunday 29 March, 2020


With live performances at an end everywhere for now, Dance and Arts writers are having to be inventive to fill space.  Links galore to online resources have been posted elsewhere on the Forum in recent days and may well be repeated here:


Feature – Significant works for the critics: Bidisha & Sarah Crompton, 

The Observer  (Via the Dance button)


Selected Online Resources:

Royal Ballet: via Critical Dance

Northern Ballet: via SeeingDance

Dutch National Opera & Ballet: via SeeingDance

Streamed Dance Classes: via NY Observer


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Monday 30 March, 2020


Catch-up Reviews:

2Faced Dance, Everything [but the girl], London: Maggie Foyer, SeeingDance

CoDance Festival, Programme C, Taipei: David Mead, SeeingDance


Streaming Reviews/Previews:

Royal Ballet School, Peter and The Wolf: Georgina Wells, BTG

BalletBoyz, DeLuxe: Maggie Foyer, Critical Dance

Northern Ballet, Dracula: Teresa Guerreiro, Culture Whisper


On the West Coast - For dancers and choreographers, life is ‘grief and fear’: Makeda Easter, LA Times


Feature – National Water Dance, 18 April: Jordan Levin, MIami Herald


Online classes – YAGP-sponsored and other classes: Jerry Hochman, Critical Dance

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