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Missing a couple of books from your dance collection?!

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1 hour ago, Jane S said:

Maybe you'd find them here ...


Curses, Jane S!!! You have now condemned me to spending the next 24 hours in going through all these pages and lots!

Seriously, it's a very interesting collection and it has been reasonably catalogued and collated. The photography is sufficiently high quality that you can see most of the individual titles and work out many of the editions. The suggested starting bids are all low and I suspect there won't be many bargains unless the auction isn't well publicised.


Oh, I'm so tempted... but I keep thinking of the carriage charges...

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  • alison changed the title to Missing a couple of books from your dance collection?!
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The auction is today - many of the lots have no bids so far and it will be interesting to see what actually sells.


Sadly, Donald McDonagh - the supportive husband of the late Lesley Getz (who was principally responsible for amassing this amazing collection) and himself a writer and editor of note - died in New York  earlier this week.

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