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Paris Opera Ballet -Dec 2019

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Does  anyone have 2 unwanted tickets for 'le Parc' in December ?  OR -- could advise on the  best way to  obtain tickets from  Palais Garnier for returns or day seats ?

I had trouble with booking via their website and I've not bought tickets for performances there before ...any tips would be much appreciated ! 

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I’ve bought from the website. You have to nominate which language you want to use and then register. Once registered, you shouldn’t have any great problem but will have to print off the e-tickets. 

If you have any problems, I have found that the box office staff are helpful and multilingual.

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3 hours ago, Casella said:

Thanks for your reply. I did try the above, but there was an odd disappearing listing of a ballet, and tickets disappearing before my eyes ...perhaps I will try the box office...

which website were you using? the standard Opera de Paris one, or the "bourse d'echange", where tickets are put up for exchange?


Tickets can indeed vanish quite rapidly, so you have to seize them when you see them and keep checking back if  you don't see what you want. They have some tix for Le Parc at the moment.

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4 hours ago, Casella said:

It was the standard one Opera DP site. Thank you very much for this other link, I'm seeing a few gold dust tickets :)  

As the Opera Garnier is fairly small you will find tickets DO disappear before your eyes you have to be very quick - I have more or less given up with the Garnier as I find it such an uncomfortable theatre as well.  Sometimes people sell their tickets outside on the day but its a risk.  I got a ticket off someone selling on ebay once and that worked out fine.

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