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Dying swan interpretation


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Hello everyone, hope you are enjoying the sunshine ☀️


This may be a silly question, but I am dancing the 'Dying Swan' variation at a show this weekend and can't seem to find one interpretation (as to what the swan is supposed to be feeling).. Some run-throughs I feel sadness, others I feel relief, etc! 


I know artistry is something you have to develop yourself, but I was just curious as to what others thought the swan might be feeling, and any dancers who do this solo beautifuLly that I could watch (at the moment I am loving Lopatkina and Plisetskaya) 


i hope this makes sense! Thanks x

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I think there's a clue in the music!

If you just lie on the floor and listen to it.....I know it's a familiar piece so often harder to listen to with fresh ears etc.....you may feel what the music is trying to communicate.

I always suggest before doing any set steps to give some time to just improvising what comes to you when you hear the music. This can help to get into the feeling of the piece before learning any set choreography. 

To me it does feel sad....that this beautiful swan is coming to the end of its days ...is trying to resist the inevitable for a little ....and then has to accept that it will die. 

Perhaps there could be a feeling of relief right at the end but to me more resignation in the acceptance of death.

I love Lopatkina dancing this but Ulanova was brilliant as well.

It was Pavlova's signature piece of course so watching her should be pretty informative.

But best advice is feel the music and lots of luck with it.



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