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Varsity Dance Match 2019

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32 minutes ago, Princess Tina said:

Congratulations! Shows how much I know! 

It looks like it has a festival feel to it. 

How much do they dance and train. I think Dd was reluctant to get drawn back into something which consumed her childhood. In a good way I would say though. 


I think the two unis do things very differently.  Oxford has one team and all the dancers do at least two genres with most doing three or more.  Everything at Oxford is student run, paid for, taught and choreographed; they don’t have coaches, sponsors or outside choreographers.  


I think Cambridge has a different team for each genre - is that right?


At Oxford they rehearse one or two evenings a week and on Saturday mornings.  The short terms and intensive workload at both unis mean limited time for rehearsal but what dd loves about the one team of all-rounders at Oxford is that they are all there because they love dance and it’s such a change from intense academics.  You make friends from other colleges too which I think is important at a collegiate uni.  

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10 minutes ago, Princess Tina said:

Is that 2 hours just rehearsals? How many classes? Now I remember in 1st year she did go to one class, but it was late at night and she had to cycle back. I also think having done it seriously for so long she couldn’t just enjoy it! 


The Oxford competition team doesn’t have classes; just rehearsal.  

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Cambridge do have teachers who are paid, but I believe all the choreography is by the students (contrary to rumours circulating among the opposition!).

While there is overlap between some of the disciplines (esp Contemporary and Ballet as well as Tap and Jazz) they are individually auditioned, so some students are only in one category. I think a few are in 4.  There's still an excellent team spirit. Also, classes are organised separately from the competition team - plenty of people go to classes without competing (and vice-versa).

So it sounds like Cambridge are more serious about it all.

There are a few students, both in competition and shows, that have worked professionally (or gone to vocational schools) prior to coming to Cambridge (note that shows are done by the ballet club, which includes "civilians").

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