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Alison, you were right !

Lisa O`Brien

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Well well. After my being ecstatic around two years ago that the lovely, delectable Jose  Mourinho was going to become Man United's manager, Alison warned me on here about getting my hopes up. As a Chelsea fan, Alison had told me that Jose wasn't all he was cracked up to be, as had proved to be the case with him at Stamford Bridge. Of course I was blinded by my crush on the man and thought he was going to be the true successor to Sir Alex, finally, after two previous failures of managers. Yet here we are. United woefully inept and looking for yet another manager. Think i'll still have a crush on him though, even though he has left Old Trafford ( did he ever really move in to Manchester at all though? Strong feeling of "only temporary" about his stay). Sigh. Those lips and eyes of his. Wherever he ends up, i'll still be a fan of his ( and United, of course, hailing from the Old Trafford/ Stretford area originally) !!

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2 minutes ago, alison said:

Lisa, thanks for the credit, but I don't think it can have been me: firstly I'm not a Chelsea fan, and secondly I don't pay a lot of attention to football at the best of times :) 

Oh I was sure it was you, and that you said you were a Chelsea fan. Apologies !! ( Confused now. Not unusual for me these days).

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