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ROH Craft Day

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My wife attended a Craft Day at the Opera House yesterday. She tells me that for £12 it was exceptional value and very well organised (yes i know!). The group of about two dozen were instructed on how to make a cushion cover from pieces of surplus Opera and Ballet fabric. At least a dozen new sewing machines were brought in as well as irons and ironing boards. Opera House costumes were available to inspect and even try on if you felt so inclined and the whole thing seemed to go down well with everyone. Nice to report a succesful implementation of something associated with "Open Up".

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  • alison changed the title to ROH Craft Day

Oh my goodness.  That brings back memories of something they did a couple of decades ago when the Royal Ballet were "homeless" and appearing at the Festival Hall.  I think I may still have the mask I made from offcuts somewhere ...

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