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  1. Passengers will include all casts and a music recording so we can be entertained day in and day out by the work. Now where do we hang that scrim? Oh, you have changed your mind Sim? (I'm sure there will be many saying at this point that out in deep space is the best place for it, but the resulting depletion of RB personnel would be on a par with Cats. And no, we are not taking the tiger!)
  2. A fair point. I may have to widen the qualifications for being on the passenger list. "Sadly" Bradley Walsh has gone on reord that he was not a fan of Unknown and sois not permitted to board.
  3. Actually, the duck comment wasn't posted in humour (although I try to keep things light). It all has a bit too much of a country dance theme. But pretty obviously we all like different styles of ballet and all have different opinions. I may meet someone else who didn't object to Unknown one day - that's three so far (me, my wife.....and Marriott!) Oh, Alistaire isn't sure now?
  4. I quite liked Unknown I enjoyed Infra Thought CIC was a bit NY Ballet and too much "let's all duck under this arch made by your arms" And..... I think Marianela is wonderful and can do no wrong. Am I still allowed to post here?
  5. My wife and I went along last night (22/11), I with some trepidation following all the negative comments about "Unknown". We both found it far better than we had been led to believe and wondered what the fuss was about in the final scene. The dancers had to wear something and to be in their uniforms would have been inappropriate, We found the whole thing appropriately sensitive and enjoyable, taking into account the subject matter. I thought Anna Rose gave a good account of herself both here and in Concerto. As commented elsewhere, there did seems to be an unusual number of groups of teenagers in the audience. Perhaps this was because it was a very mixed programme with three diverse styles which I guess would make it an apprpriate study opportunity. At least unlike other parties, the girls near us stayed for all three works. Surely every piece has something to give so why sit out? As McGregor once said (paraphrasing) 'I like the audience to leave my work with a strong feeling; even if it is dislike, they have gained something emotional from it'.
  6. Two tickets two pages! Both would fit on one. Very messy and not at all how I believe they should be delivered. Sadly it seems no-one has an end-user solution.
  7. But that still prints all the unecessary rubbish. Surely in this day and age they can set up two tickets, one side. Easier for the staff to check too. Unfortunately the forma doesn't lend itself to editing.
  8. Am I missing something? I can't print my two tickets (mine + my wife's) in a neat and tidy way on one sheet of paper. I don't want to print a full colour picture of the Rolex ad, I just want one ticket at the top of the page and one at the bottom.
  9. Due to this event being relocated from the Clore to the Linbury there is more space. I noticed today that tickets are suddenly available although as of now only a couple of dozen in the middle level (is that the circle or balcony?)
  10. I am due to attend Unknown Soldier on Thursday. Everyday, for more than a week, I have received an email from the House entitled "Important reminder: your visit" promoting restaurant facilities. Just the same message day after day. The practice used to be a single reminder "just incase one had forgotten" so I wonder whether, since the Open Up these facilities have lost their appeal? It is starting to get annoying and will end up being deleted without being read. And one might actually be important. Is this a flaw in the email marketing software or now deliberate promotion I wonder?
  11. I think Mayara would excel in the "gypsy queen" type roles. Two Pigeons comes to mind as indeed Don Q. So pleased to see her being more prominent on the stage over the last year or so, and of course to receive the deserved promotion. Nice lady too.
  12. ..............and use the gold paint! But perhaps a more permanent concoction requiring a blow lamp to remove.
  13. Make an offer Penelope! The run is nearly finished so Raja becomes surplus to requirements.
  14. But the surrounding seats are some of the most expensive in the theatre so I can't imagine access here would be cheap. Sadly, with current approach to pricing the point you make I feel might get missed. Ok if you pack people in that could justify cheaper access but the impression I had from the original post was that is allowed a more relaxed "sit on the mossy floor" approach. Probably a bit pie in the sky anyway.
  15. Bet it wouldn't be today. You would be charged for the priviledge of being uncomfortable but trendy! Astroturf isn't cheap.
  16. My wife Barbara gets great pleasure from seeing the costumes, particularly when she can get an opportunity to see them in close up. She is not too taken with the typical "M&S vest and pants" of Waynes sartorial choices (although probably 10 times the price) but for productions like Swan Lake she can study and enjoy them for hours. You see, there are so many facets to ballet that mean different things to different people.
  17. I guess it depends whether you travel home on the bus as to whether you can leave it on. You would get away with it on the Tube
  18. I have the impression that the same groups of seats are held over each time. I got two tickets a while back for Swan Lake and the ampi choice was from about 10 seats grouped together in a central position but almost at the back (around the pillars). The seats are sold full price. Since it would have to be planned from the outset before seats go on sale, it is logical that it would be a fixed allocation.
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