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That ROH hearing loss case


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It's interesting the effects it's having, and the conversations it is engendering, at school level.


For the first time ever, before a school production, we discussed whether the risk assessment should consider the orchestra make up, and whether students should be advised to wear ear plugs (should we be providing them?)


At my daughter's school, acoustic shields  appeared,  and teachers discussed their own hearing issues.  This in turn empowered the students to demand more protection (my daughter is a brass player).


I think the debate is one that should be heard.  


Oh, and her birthday present from her brother?  A fine pair of earplugs ...

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If in the future your dd joins the MU they have a Musicians Hearing Clinic and will produce custom made ear plugs at a vastly reduced cost for eligible members. 


Dh dh has an appointment soon as he has an ear condition and needs to protect his remaining hearing as much as he can. 


He he has raised the issue of noise levels in tap classes. 

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10 hours ago, Geoff said:

If it's the brass players, they are probably getting a beer. What the official reason is, who knows. 



Oh *brass* players...! Loo break. With a beer on the way back. (former double bass player here who was frequently forced to dodge trombonists' spit buckets...er..."water receptacles") 😂

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