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Cathy Marston's Jane Eyre enters ABT's repertoire

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Cathy has been in New York for some time now, preparing for Jane's US premiere on 4 June, incidentally the first full-length ballet by a female at the New York Met since 1980.  She took part in a conversation about the project with Isabella Boylston and Devon Teuscher a couple of evenings back and it's available here:





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I think the statement - taken by that comment by the 92Y Host - is a little inaccurate.  That said I feel that the wonderful Cathy Marston CERTAINLY deserves to be compared to the late great Agnes de Mille.  You could I think find many similarities and certainly both are vital in terms of their crucial importance - not only as women - to ballet/dance in/of their time.  De Mille's last ballets at the Met - and I was lucky enough to be at the premiere of the first and only wish ABT would revive it - was called The Informer and was about the Irish troubles both in 1916 and 1921.  She did another piece for ABT called The Other in 1992, the year before her death.  She was a truly extraordinary woman - as, indeed, both are.  

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