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Swindon CAT scheme


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Does anyone have any thoughts about Swindon Contemporary CATS scheme? Auditions are approaching but wondering if with a wide age range (11-18) my 11 year old DD will be too young to have a chance. Are the auditions very competitive or is potential considered? Thank you for any insight.

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My DD did this it's a great scheme she had the best time. In my experience they don't tend to take many of the younger ones, but it is always worth trying and a great experience. During my DD's time they did give feedback after the audition but I don't know if they still do this.

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My Dd1 got on this scheme, she was 14.5 at the time. Unfortunately she hated it and felt ignored by her ballet teacher so I gave back her Mds place after a few weeks.

She was used to being busy all Sat afternoon with classes at her normal dance school and a higher level of ballet. She didn't like all the rest breaks and felt it made the day drag on and was frankly bored.

They admitted on the phone they didn't know where to put her ballet wise. Think she was too young for the highest level class from what I can remember.

Luckily she was accepted at Elmhurst associates mid term so at least she got good ballet training there.

 Some students from there get accepted into dance colleges especially from the street dance scheme,  i just wanted to share our experience. 

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