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  1. Every day must be clouded with sadness as your family come to terms with your tragic loss of Oliver.I hope you are coping and proud of pushing forward change for the better.
  2. Is there a Facebook group for other new starters?
  3. Thank you for sharing and Congratulations on an awesome result. You look very graceful and toned. It has really inspired me to keep going with Adult ballet class. Well done. 👍🌸⭐️
  4. Could you post it on Mumsnet? There is a massive membership & online community there.
  5. Signed. Hopes and prayers are with you as you come to terms with this tragic loss.
  6. We’ve just spray painted some pink satin ones gold and used standard car paint spray. I’m sure your daughter would manage this -just cover the area with newspaper and work outside to avoid the fumes. It’s a really good finish. Maybe attach black ribbons. Have fun!
  7. Emilie

    Crown Help!

    Could you do a crown braid around the top of your head so the crown has something to sit snugly on?
  8. Wigglybunny-she must be a strong dancer if she’s is already on G3 aged 8. Sad that she’s not entered for the exam especially as she was doing well to get a high merit. At least you’ve saved a few ££ on exam fees. The performance element of LAMDA will help the performance element of the RAD exam so in the fullness of time I’m sure she will get the Distinction. DD’s school posts the results on the board and over the past year or so have ranged from 58 to 100.
  9. Thank you all for your insight and experiences. It’s quite a distance from where we live so just weighing up the options. Enjoy a sunny weekend!
  10. Does anyone have any thoughts about Swindon Contemporary CATS scheme? Auditions are approaching but wondering if with a wide age range (11-18) my 11 year old DD will be too young to have a chance. Are the auditions very competitive or is potential considered? Thank you for any insight.
  11. Big order arrived this morning. Very relieved!
  12. I've placed 2 big orders last week in quick succession because I thought the first one had been cancelled. Money has left my account. One parcel arrived today but they sent the leotards in the wrong size and not the ones I ordered!! I'm hoping the remaining parcel will arrive. The letter that arrived with parcel said I will be able to return the leotards but I'm hesitant about sending them all back if they are on the brink of closure. Nobody answering the wholesale or online help number. Fingers crossed.
  13. Cinema voucher? Or voucher for M&S could go down well, at least she would enjoy spending it on something of her own choice.
  14. Before you hastily re order like I did see if the £ has left your account! I've now got 40 leotards winging their way to me but at only £2 a piece still a massive bargain.
  15. Sancha sale great-thanks for tip off have just got 20 Forest Green leotards for Midsummer Night's Dream dance. The payment went through but then said error occurred & empty basket. I rang them and they sorted it, apparently site is not coping with all the sale traffic.
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