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Upper body stiff


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2 hours ago, AdageKitty said:

Try contemporary dance classes perhaps? My DD loves it!


I was going to say exactly this! But best is not the balletic "lyrical" contemporary - if you can find a "release-based" contemporary  technique class, with a lot of emphasis on rolling through the spine, and forward swings etc. 


This kind of thing:


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Is your DS muscular stiff in the upper body or does he appear stiff because he works so hard to hold himself upright and just needs to appear less tense in his presentation, ie improved breathing technique and lowering the shoulders could help


It's hard as a dancer needs to relax the shoulders and ribcage whilst also appearing fully supportive and in control. Would be useful to find out which 'stiff' he is. Sorry that may sound a bit odd but I hope you understand. 


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