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Central Ballet Acommodation


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I can't offer any advice for Central as we did ENBS last summer.

However, whilst researching accommodation for ENBS, I did discover that many Hotels including all the well known hotel chains, Premier, Travel and Holiday Inn etc have a policy that no one under 16 (18 for some) are allowed to stay unaccompanied.  I sourced a self catering apt via Trip Adviser for the two of us in the end. 

You could try and contact the school as they may well offer an Home Stay option with host families. So offering the independence that so many teenagers think they can handle but also offering the adult support and supervision, which they actually need. Especially when schools out for the day. 


Good Luck 

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Agreed, balletbean.  Mae, you will struggle to find anywhere other than a homestay option for a 14 year old alone in central London.  If she wants to go alone then you might be better off looking at a residential summer school with all meals provided and good DBS checked pastoral care.  

When my dd used to LCB summer schools, I always stayed with her in a Premier Inn (affordable if you book early enough and breakfast is free for children).  Central was slightly different as she was an Associate there and we live near enough that she could commute each day.  But as balletbean says, for ENBS/LCB and the other summer schools that are too far for daily travel, Homestay with full board is really your only option for a lone 14 year old. 

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