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IDTA vs Cecchetti


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Almost 8 yo has been doing Cecchetti for about 18 months and recently took grade 1. Today  she went to a different dance school to try  tap and modern. Ballet was between the 2 so it was suggested she take that too. It was prep ballet. After the classes the feedback was that they were all the right level for her. Her feedback was that ballet was far too easy. The teacher was lovely and pointed out that her foot turns in (also noted by current ballet teacher) therefore she should stay in prep as this would help strengthen her ankle ready for more complicated work later on.

I would find it very difficult to take her out of current school where it's all about the training, no shows, festivals or anything, but she's happy there. On the other hand she would love to do shows and perform more. She's young yet but shows no inclination towards wanting to do anything with it, doesn't 'love' ballet but enjoys class.

If she didn't do ballet at 'new' school she couldn't be on the competition team. It's really up to her but she wants to stay in current ballet class but also do competitions and I'm torn!!

Any advice as I really don't know what to think.

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Perhaps you could talk to her current teacher about the foot turning in, and ask their advice about how they see progress being made. Is it just the foot, or the whole leg that turns in?


The other thing to think about is that it's possible that tap might not necessarily be a good thing at the moment, as you need loose ankles for that, which is the opposite to what you need to strengthen ankles for ballet.

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I wouldn’t want to move her to a new school where she finds the ballet ‘far too easy’. Whether it is or not is not the point, she has assessed it as such and moreover the new school would want her to stay in that same class for some time; she will become bored and disillusioned with ballet. Even with the  new competition work to focus on, the ballet is required to participate in the competition work at the new school and if it were me I wouldn’t move her if she has to stay in a class she immediately said was too easy. 


I would chat to both teachers, especially for more information as to how they will correct her turning in as that will be very important as she progresses in dance. I would also find out whether she can attend both schools and stay in her current ballet class if both teachers have clear plans for the turning in. 


I would also be a little wary, as taxi4ballet says, about tap at this stage when she has been identified as having the issue with turning in and her ankle. Surely tap could wait until this has been resolved. 

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4 hours ago, youngatheart said:

Can't she do both?


some teachers appear to like children to stick with one  school and  /or one awarding body until they have a solid grip of technique, this is understandable especially  if  other schools in a locality  aren't  as good  or  ave a very different way of working ...  slightly different kettleo f worms  once you  get to associates   or are dealling with   teen / adult  beginners 

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