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Costume or outfit suitable for Lion King segment in show


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Please be patient, it's  a long post!!


I'm struggling to find something that complies with the this. 

"Lion King Section) ALL Feel free to wear what you like in this section as long as it fits into the 
orange colour scheme - this can go to beige to dark orange to light orange, but not yellow or red! 
We are going with african tribal feel for this as well so feel free to add aztec into it, scrunchies, 
harem pants, that sort of thing!"


The teacher says prints or patterns are fine so anything aztec or tribal . I have looking for jumpsuits but they are thin on the ground this time of year. If I can't find anyhing I'll have to get some beige harem pants from eBay.


I'm really struggling, in my mind's eye I know what I would choose but it's the wrong season!


Can anyone help me out, my daughter is aged 11, very slim 4 foot 10 but 11-12 clothing is too big. She wears 3a lycra leotard but size 2 in a cotton Bloch leotard.

Thanks for reading this!

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could you tie dye a yellow tshirt/leggings different shades of orange? draw black sharpie patterns on it?  could you do this to an orange catsuit? maybe add an orange ( and black? ) little tutu skirt? or an African animal print scarf tied around the waist/across the body?


I'm sure I saw a 'thing' somewhere, that you draw on cotton fabric ( tshirt ) with coloured sharpies, and then soak in something ( rubbing alcohol??? ) which makes all the colours run together?   I just did a quick google for 'sharpie tie dye' and lots of hits on youtube etc.


good luck x

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My heart goes out to all the dc mothers who have to provide costumes. Our dds school always hired costumes and also had a vast store of its own so we only had to pay a small hire charge. I would have been truly up the creek without a paddle if I had to contrive costumes for our dds.:D

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