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Input requested for a self-care book for dancers.

Terry Hyde

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Calling all dance students, their parents, professional dancers, retired dancers and dance teachers.


I am writing a self-care book for dancers regarding emotional and mental health.
I know what help and support I would have liked as a dancer but I am only one person. I would therefore like to hear from as many people in the dancing world, whether working or not, as to what ideas, techniques, or questions you would like answered in my book. If you have positive anecdotes of overcoming issues and how it was dealt with, please include those as well.


I am also looking for therapy volunteers as case studies for the book. These will be anonymised for the book and the sessions will be free to the volunteer.

I hope my book will go a little way in helping remove the shame (stigma) surrounding mental health and allow people to ask for help.


N.B.  Please go to my website to check my professional credentials, which you can also find on the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP) website.  Parents please note that I will not be offering therapy sessions to those age 15 and under and for those age 16-18, please ask your parents to contact me.


Email me if you don’t want to reply openly to this post: counsellingfordancers@gmail.com597310a341f7c_saddancer.thumb.jpeg.156f2373b84afda9c3cb5b1592ef01b1.jpeg

Please share this post with others who you think may wish to contact me.


Thank you, Terry







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Hi Terry, I'm an ex dancer who went on to train in psychology and eventually psychiatric nursing. 

I now have a dancing son who is 10, so see it from a parent perspective too.

Any help you need, give us a shout...xx

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I think something about dance injuries e.g. dancing with an injury/not being able to dance because of an injury would be very useful. When I sufferrred an injury myself I know how challenging it was to sit and watch my friends dance, knowing that I wasn't able to and it was also challenging when I was allowed to do small amounts of dance because I couldn't dance the way I used to be able to! 

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