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  1. Looking for recommendations for a good sports therapist in London-ideally somebody who is used to treating dancers. I already have a fantastic dance physio in London & great local physio at home but am looking for a sports therapist who will be able to give a good massage to help release muscle tension. Would be very grateful for any suggestions!
  2. Interested in the collections by Claudia leotard-please can you DM me a picture?
  3. Hi please can you send me a picture of the Grand Prix Navy leotard? I’ll PM you.
  4. Went to watch the finals last night..out of curiosity just wondering if anybody knew how much it was to enter this competition?
  5. Hi, If anybody has any tickets for this please message me Many thanks!
  6. Yes please-I’ll DM it to you now 😊
  7. If it doesn’t sell-I would also be interested for further info on the Grey!
  8. Does anybody know what the leotard selection is like in the new store? And how does it compare to the old store? I do love a bit of dance shopping when in London and debating whether to visit the new store tomorrow.
  9. Hi was wondering if anybody had been to one of these events or knew anything about them? Would be grateful for any info😊
  10. Hi I’m looking to buy the ISTD imperial ballet dvd for Advanced 1 & Advanced 2 and the Cecchetti DVD for Advanced 1 & Advanced 2 Ballet..if anybody has either of these to sell I would be very grateful😊
  11. Shirley Hancock, based in Marble Arch, London is brilliant
  12. I see Shirley Hancock for a dance-related back injury and she is phenomenal...no personal experience of physical assessments though. You do have to book in advance as she is very popular.
  13. I have a matching floral leotard and skirt from Bloch in a pink-ish colour (they also do it in black and a bluey/grey colour)
  14. Would anybody be able to recommend some good books about ballet, stretching or dance injury/prevention..I would like to widen my ballet knowledge as I am hoping to become a ballet teacher and just love to read anything about ballet. I’ve read almost every single ballet fiction and autobiography so ideally factual books please😊
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