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  1. Vicarage Crescent is round the corner from RAD and has on street parking (you may have to pay if it’s on a weekday). It’s less than a 5 minute walk to RAD..I lived on vicarage crescent whilst studying at RAD & my parents never had an issue parking there when visiting or dropping off/picking up.
  2. Looking to purchase a good quality ballet barre for use at home. (UK based). Does anybody have any recommendations? Any advice or feedback on barres..size, quality & how easy they are to assemble would be much appreciated
  3. Please can you let me know what books you have..I’m currently training to be a ballet teacher and am always looking to expand my book collection!
  4. Just sent you a PM re. The last 3 books
  5. Just wondered if anybody had been referred to or seen Doctors at the Institute of Sports Exercise & Health for Dance injuries? It is in connection with UCLH. Any experiences or opinions would be much appreciated.
  6. Anybody got any tickets for 21st Jan? Ideally stalls circle but anything would be good!
  7. If anybody has any Stalls Circle tickets for Coppélia on the 10th December I would be very grateful 😊
  8. Hi if anybody has 2 tickets for Sleeping Beauty 9th November @ 7:30pm I would be very interested!
  9. Hi, Anybody got any tickets for Coppelia 10th December @ 7:30pm?
  10. Hi, Anybody got any tickets available for Sleeping Beauty? Monday 2nd December @ 7:30pm Thursday 12th December @7:30pm
  11. Looking for recommendations for a good sports therapist in London-ideally somebody who is used to treating dancers. I already have a fantastic dance physio in London & great local physio at home but am looking for a sports therapist who will be able to give a good massage to help release muscle tension. Would be very grateful for any suggestions!
  12. Interested in the collections by Claudia leotard-please can you DM me a picture?
  13. Hi please can you send me a picture of the Grand Prix Navy leotard? I’ll PM you.
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