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Cheap Virgin West coast tickets (many ballet dates)


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Virgin is having another West Coast sale. You can book tickets on selected journeys and dates from 00.01 a.m. late tonight  (i.e. Thursday 6th July) until 11.59 pm on Tue 11 July for travel between 21st July and Friday 8th December
Some sample fares:
London to Birmingham £5 each way
Manchester To London £11 each way
London to Glasgow £18 each way.

There are also discounts for first class and children. But these tickets are all non-refundable and you can't get railcard discounts.

More info at 


NB: Before booking with Virgin, you might want to look at details of cheap train tickets at: http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/travel/cheap-train-tickets . Also, if you want to buy a West Coast Mainline ticket which is not covered by the sale, and there isn't a better deal on the Virgin app or a railcard etc. - you can currently get 10% off many such routes if you're a member of Virgin Money. (To join Virgin money, you  can just set up a £1 savings account.) There's no further railcard or other discount on such tickets. More at: http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/team-blog/2016/09/30/travelling-on-virgin-trains-without-a-railcard-heres-a-quick-trick-to-get-10-off-west-coast-routes/


Yaffa (with no connections to any of the above - just passing on the info)

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BTW Virgin joins other rail operators who are now offering long distance advance fares for the same day if they're still available (Until now you usually had to book by the day before), and you're also notified when there are only a few advance fairs left. More at:


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I only had partial success - got my outward Liverpool to London for October for £11 but only off-peak tickets available on the Saturday coming home.  I discovered a few months ago that booking a single one way can work Liverpool to London but not the other way and out of interest I checked what a single from London to Liverpool would be.  If I booked it as part of the return (and although priced as a single) it was £27.40.  If booked as a single London-Liverpool it was £54!!!


So what do you do??  Earlier in the year I booked a single going and hoped for the best.  In the end I junked the £11 single and booked a return as it worked out cheaper.  I may have done better to have waited and got a cheap advance deal both ways ... or I may not have so I have bitten the bullet and booked.

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