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UKMasterclass Summer Coaching


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We are excited to offer a series of  three day ballet coaching courses during the summer holidays.

The courses allow a small number of students the opportunity to strengthen their technique, work on artistry and musicality, and to prepare for performance.

They will be very personal, and tailored to the individual dancer. Our aim will be to work and perform as a professional dancer for three days.

The coaching courses are for a maximum of 8 dancers, and are designed for Years 10, 11 or higher.

The classes will take place at studios in West London (25 Bulwer St. Shepherd's Bush, London, W12 8AR).

Fee for three days is £300 with a 10% reduction for early booking.

BOOK ONLINE: www.ukmasterclass.co.uk


Week 1.  16 – 18 August

Week 2.  22 – 24 August

Week 3.  29 – 31 August

Week 4.    5 –  7  September

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The "about" page on the website gives some information:




"UKMASTERCLASS is created by Josephine Holling and Raymond Koning.

Josephine trained at White Lodge and the Royal Ballet Upper School before entering the company at 17. During her time with the Royal Ballet Josephine performed in all the major classical ballets. She also performed in contemporary works such as Grosse Fugue and Septet Extra by Hans Van Manen and Balanchine’s Allegro Brilliante.

Josephine is a highly experienced teacher, coach and mentor. She works extensively across London, primarily at Young Dancers’ Academy. Josephine is also on the examining panel for the Dance and Drama Scholarship Awards for Trinity College London.


Raymond Koning studied dance at the Rotterdamse Dans Academy now CODARTS in Rotterdam (The Netherlands) and at the Hungarian Ballet State Academy in Budapest (Hungary). Raymond danced as a freelance dancer of classical ballet, contemporary and musical theatre for many years in Italy. He is also a highly qualified and experienced ballet teacher.

Currently Raymond is teaching at Millenium Performing Arts school."


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DD has done two masterclasses day of contrast  with them, Nutcracker in December and Slerping Beauty in May. She loved both  of them and is booked on this already. From the info we have it is going to be very intense but she is really looking forward to it. Both Josephine and Raymond are lovely people, who make you feel relaxed instantly. 

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Can I just say, I don't know Raymond so well but DD feels Josephine is one of the very best teachers in London right now. A hugely experienced teacher with extremely high standards and expectations - works her dancers very hard and gets an enormous amount out of them- but very nurturing and supportive. DD also loves Adam Pudney who does very inexpensive drop in classes in London at Pineapple and Danceworks. Interestingly DD is not too into lessons from ex-Principals especially recent ones. She feels they do not necessarily have the experience or the teaching knack. Just because you are a stellar dancer does not necessarily mean you have a teaching gift I suppose.

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