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1980s Play about building council housing

Pas de Quatre

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Does anyone remember a play that was produced in the early 1980s about the struggles of an architect building council housing?  He was an idealist and wanted to build several more attactive small blocks of flats but was frustrated by bureaucracy at every turn and was coerced into ending up with a tower block!  I think the play was on the South Bank - probably at the National, and I think Dinsdale Landen took the lead.  I can't get it out of my mind in the light of the recent tragic events, but can't find any information about it (or my programme.)

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Thanks Trog, I haven't time now but will give it a go.  


Although I am now beginning to wonder whether it was the National, because they are usually in rep and this play had a run of 6 - 8 weeks approx. (perhaps a little longer?)  I think there were two married couples, one of the husbands was the architect, and also in addtion maybe one or two other characters. Also I think it had a one word title - like Stoppard's "Jumpers" for example, but it just won't come to me at present. 

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Fiz - before the internet we were driven round the twist trying to remember things, and then in turn drove others crazy when we shared the problem.


I was in Tesco last night and, without realising it, was singing the last song that I heard on the radio whilst parking.  The girl on the checkout asked me what I was singing and even though I knew every single word of the song AND could visualise the group from Top of the Pops (yes I'm that old) I couldn't recall their name.  The girl on the checkout behind her and her Customer were also trying to recall the groups name - we were all frantically humming the tune and racking our brains to remember who it was.  It wasn't until I got home later and logged into Spotify that I remembered - then of course it was obvious who it was.


(In case anyone is interested it was 'If you leave me now' by Chicago.)

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