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Hosting House Tring


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Hello there, does anyone have any information about hosting houses in Tring please? My daughter has a day place and on the waiting list for a boarding one starting in September. She is 14 and we are not ideally commutable and I'm just exploring if this would be an option, possibly not a full week away but at least 3 nights a week. Any help or advice would be most appreciated. Thank you 

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3rd years at Tring have to live out of school.  The school do have a list of host families etc.  


I have no idea if these are all gone and the school won't get involved in any way but they might be happy to send you the list at least?


Good luck :rolleyes:  Maybe a boarding place will come available 

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Thank you all for your replies and pm's. I really appreciate it. My dd is going into year 10 and I have spoken to school, "usually" hosting is only available to post 16s and their lists are full anyway.  A couple of people have mentioned if I have considered a day pupil may have a spare room?  Unfortunately I'm not local or know any parents. I'm sure this will all work out as it's meant to just very frustrating! Thank you again everyone ? and I will keep you posted. 

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