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  1. Thank you all for your replies and pm's. I really appreciate it. My dd is going into year 10 and I have spoken to school, "usually" hosting is only available to post 16s and their lists are full anyway. A couple of people have mentioned if I have considered a day pupil may have a spare room? Unfortunately I'm not local or know any parents. I'm sure this will all work out as it's meant to just very frustrating! Thank you again everyone ? and I will keep you posted.
  2. Thank you and I appreciate your help, hopefully someone has some information
  3. Hello there, does anyone have any information about hosting houses in Tring please? My daughter has a day place and on the waiting list for a boarding one starting in September. She is 14 and we are not ideally commutable and I'm just exploring if this would be an option, possibly not a full week away but at least 3 nights a week. Any help or advice would be most appreciated. Thank you
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