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Tamara Rojo seminar at Bank of England

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Hope this is the right place to post - mods please relocate if not.  


This capture of today's event is well worth watching; the BoE seminars are usually for economists, quants and the like, so this is great recognition of what business people can learn from TR's exceptional achievements as an agent of transformational change.  As ever, she is extremely articulate and insightful; what a great ambassador for the arts. 



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Thank you Quintus - a fascinating insight into how institutions like the Bank of England can learn from the creative arts and what a wonderful ambassador Tamara Rojo is as you say! If only we had a few more J M Keynes's to support the Arts (and Government for that matter). As an aside, I rather enjoyed Mark Carney's self deprecating introduction but yes the meat is very much Tamara's eloquence.

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