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Science of Ballet

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Hi everyone! This term in my library science degree I'm writing a paper on how dance is documented, (using 'The Rite of Spring' as a case study). Right now I'm looking at the specifics of notation and passing on choreography to different companies. Does anyone have any good recommendations as to books, documentaries, etc that talk about this subject? I'm reading a few things at the moment, but obviously wanted to get some recommendations from serious balletomanes.


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Hi, Tatiana!

Have you seen this book:


"The Lost Rite" by 
Millicent Hodson, Kenneth Archer, Shira Klasmer
The authors describe their restoration of the lost ballet by Nijinsky “The Rite of Spring”? They are describing in detail every movement. The book is lavishly illustrated. Millicent helped to produce this 'restored' ballet in a dozen of ballet companies, including Mariinsky.
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