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Found 3 results

  1. Apologies if this information has already appeared elsewhere on the Forum but the discovery is perhaps important enough to warrant its own topic. Drawings of Sleeping Beauty Act III PDD by the first Prince Désiré, Pavel Gerdt, were discovered in Moscow in 2018. Some of the drawings have since started to come into circulation as they were recently used by Ratmansky for the latest revival of his Sleeping Beauty reconstruction for ABT. Thanks to others I have found a few links which show a little of this new found treasure: https://tinyurl.com/yxdvku3o https://petipasociety.com/2018/12/16/sketches-by-pavel-gerdt-released-by-the-bolshoi-theatre-museum/?fbclid=IwAR1hn4B3T_1tvEUnCE5fLLVoPUksOqCm0gw9FvIbvWorrEiPzoOxTEGdL_I http://oteatre.info/petipa-ps/ It would be great if the full set of drawings was properly online somewhere, does anyone know if this has been done? The last link (the Russian one) apparently credits one snapshot to otzyv.ru but that doesn't seem to lead anywhere (however I may well have misunderstood) Any further information very gratefully received. Short of a video from 1890 (!) this is as good and as early as has been discovered to date when it comes to at least one part of this ballet.
  2. Hi everyone! This term in my library science degree I'm writing a paper on how dance is documented, (using 'The Rite of Spring' as a case study). Right now I'm looking at the specifics of notation and passing on choreography to different companies. Does anyone have any good recommendations as to books, documentaries, etc that talk about this subject? I'm reading a few things at the moment, but obviously wanted to get some recommendations from serious balletomanes.
  3. In another thread there was some tangential discussion regarding how the legacy of recent choreographers - such as MacMilllan and Balanchine - is being preserved and guarded through legal means. At first thought this is a worthy goal. But.... If we think about the oldest of ballet's classic repertoire - La Sylphide, Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, Giselle, etc., we know that there have been many changes through the years. These ballets, though over 100 years old are still very popular, and are often the backbone of major ballet companies. Would they be so had the original choreography and designs been kept from changing with time and taste? If the legacy of choreographers such as MacMillan and Balanchine are kept legally frozen will they still be performed 100 years now? Can they "live" without change?
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