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It is a beautiful theatre but the U shape like ROH. I have only sat in the galleries but some of the lower tiers will be good I would imagine. Not sure that the stalls are that well raked.

Is it a wonderful experience?  It's the principal reason for me for going to Venice which I haven't visited before so any tips on the House welcome.

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I've been there only once, saw Mozart's "Lucio Silla" in 2006. We had "cheap" seats in a high ring, quite sideways, and the only way I could see the whole stage was by kneeling on the chair the whole time (there are only boxes with loose chairs) and leaning on the railing while an elaborately chiselled wooden ornament was nearly poking my forehead...! It was very hot but I had a beautiful new fan of "Venetian lace" from a street stall, so I could get some air.


The stalls have no rake or not much of it, so I'd definitely recommend a seat in the ring.


The cheap and the expensive seats do not share the same grand entrance, so we had to enter through the "poor door" and climb up a lot of stairs. The bar for the high rings was situated in a beautiful ballet/rehearsal studio with a nice wooden floor.


There is a nice bar outside the Fenice in a little square where you should sit before the performance and have a delicious cool Aperol Spritz...!

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I would say yes it is an experience visiting the theatre it is a "chocolate box of delights" when you are inside it is just beautiful and very ornate.  Last time I went I had a seat in the centre in 2nd gallery but it turned out to be next to a rather noisy lighting man with a big spotlight - to be avoided.  I would recommend a day visit to see the theatre itself - it is a self guided audio tour these days but you get to go in the royal box (or at least I did!)  I've usually been at carnival time in February so performances are a bit limited then as they take out all the stalls seats to make way for the carnival ball.   My most favourite performance there ever was Giselle by the Mikhailovsky one November - I cried buckets as Irina Perren's portrayal of Giselle was so heartbreaking.  

Do not be alarmed to see firemen everywhere - it seems to be the thing in Italian theatres and given the Fenice's history not really surprising! I also found the Italians do not like applause during a performance and keep it for the end of the act (the Russian dancers found this a bit weird as they love applause for every move LOL!)  Have a fabulous time - and an Aperol Spritz!

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