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Autocorrect function - is there one?

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Balletfanp had a glorious typo earlier this evening on the Obsidian thread, that she (he?) put down to autocorrect.  Is there an autocorrect function in the Forum software for, if there is, I'm wondering how I've never come across it.  Or can it be a function of the browser in use?

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It's definitely a function on my phone and my tablet. I keep telling myself I must turn it off, but often it is quite useful, and besides, it would be a shame to miss out on the inadvertent laughs it occasionally gives me!


Incidentally, there is actually a website called Damn You Autocorrect, which is a collection of unfortunate typos as a result of, you guessed it, autocorrect, some of which are hilarious (but be warned, some are quite "adult" in nature, which makes you wonder what the designers of the feature were thinking when they programmed them in!).

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