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Firebird Wedding

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I wanted to share with the forum a very special part of my niece’s wedding last weekend: she and her soon-to-be-husband walked up the aisle together to the finale music from The Firebird. As the familiar notes started very very quietly and slowly, the congregation turned to the back of the church and waited to see the bride and groom, and we waited and watched as the music grew slowly and gradually, and the volume rose, and they started walking forward and the music swelled again, and the magnificent sound reached its full pitch of glory as they arrived at the sanctuary. I’ve always loved the ballet and the music, and of course since the finale depicts the wedding of Prince Ivan and the Tsarevna it was highly appropriate. It was incredibly powerful and effective, and (for me at least!) unbelievably moving. And I will never be able to watch The Firebird again without this (joyful) association!

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