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Happy New Year from the Moderators

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Dear Forum Members,


I just wanted, on behalf of all the moderators, to wish all of you a very happy, healthy and peaceful New Year, filled with lots of good dance!  


We have just passed the 4th birthday of this forum, and these four years have seen it go from strength to strength, with member numbers increasing month on month.  


The success of this forum is down to you, our contributors.  I always learn much from reading people's posts, and enjoy reading what everyone thinks of ballets they have seen.  Because we are all so passionate about our art form things can sometimes get out of hand, but most people understand when we have to step in and calm things down or stop things from getting worse.  But on the whole,  this doesn't happen TOO often.  Again, this is thanks to all of you.  


May I also take this opportunity to thank all of you who contributed to our fund raising exercise earlier this year.  Thanks to your generosity, we will not have to undertake another such exercise for quite some time to come.  


We look forward to 2016 being another interesting year in dance, and to being another year of lively debate, interesting posts and general all-round love of dance, whether we are watching it or doing it, or watching our loved ones doing it.  Which brings me nicely to the Doing Dance part of this forum, which continues to be an amazing source of support and information, and which we all think is a very inspiring place to be.  We love how you have all become a kind of online family, helping each other unstintingly in so many different ways.  We wish everybody who is trying to make a career of dance the very best of luck in 2016 and always....and that wish extends to all of you wonderful, supportive parents, families and friends.


From all of us to all of you on this forum, a very, very Happy New Year!


Warmest wishes,



Simonetta Dixon (Sim) and all The Moderators!

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